According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “inertia” means”

Definition of inertia in English:


  • A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.


As the spring season starts to settle in, so does the need for my own inner growth and renewal. My awareness for change is heightened and opportunities seem to be sprouting around me.

On one hand, the thought of change is exciting. It motivates me to be better and to do better. While that principle is my year-long mantra, spring pokes at me in ways that challenge my fundamental core. It’s a time of big questions like, “What am I doing with my life?”

When that question begs answering, I usually tally up my accomplishments and failures over the years. Most of the time I can conclude that I am doing alright. I remind myself how lucky I am to have health and sufficient means. Usually, these conclusions are enough for me to just take a deep breath, exhale with relief, and keep plugging away.

But, what happens when you need to make a major life change? Or, what happens when something you’ve been meaning to confront rears its ugly head and reminds you of your unfinished business? That kind of change is scary. Sometimes maintaining status quo feels better and kinder than the feeling of impending doom that comes with the whirlwind of change. Keeping things as they are ensures just that, no change, not for now at least.

If we choose not to take on the challenge of shaking things up, then we risk mediocrity. But, if average and ordinary are the worst case scenario, then that’s not so bad. After all, at least we know what we’re getting, and that allows us to minimize the unknowns.

How then, do we deal with imagination? When our minds start to dream and wonder about new and exciting things, do we just keep telling ourselves that it’s not in the cards for us? If we are actually interested in achieving a dream, a shift, a change, then we have to take action at some point, and that action will inevitably lead to change. Will that change be positive? Will it be disastrous? Do I have the courage to find out?

In theory, the answers are simple.

I wrote this poem “Inertia” after I experienced a missed opportunity.

Screenshot (38)




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