A Poem about Spring

The weather has been teasing us with these warmer temperatures. Now, all I can think about is spring. There’s something about this time of year that sparks my creativity and gets me revved up for writing. I have written many poems about spring, but this one is my favourite. Why? Because it’s not your typical birds and blossoms shtick. This poem seems simple enough, but to me it’s about a personal journey fraught with moments of conviction and difficulty. It’s about making progress and moving forward in spite of the memories that can sometimes hold us back.

Concession Road 5


I walked

along the dirt road

in early spring.

The bottoms of my black

rubber boots

chewed the soggy ground

like my teeth

on lip-smacking juicy gum.


I walked

to forget about you,

to get away from the long winter,

to bury you in yesterday.

I filled my mind

with promises to sprout anew without you.


But now,

I see my rubber boots

by the screen door,

and the mud caked on them

reminds me.

Roberta C Natale




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